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In today's security systems are often used in video surveillance has become over the Internet. To fully clarify the situation as it is the most basic options:

1. Video surveillance using DVR. In this embodiment, means the following. The facility installed the DVR has a remote control (Network) - 10/100 Ethernet and video cameras connected to it. Next, connect the DVR to the Internet. And anyone on the Internet, which will be to know the IP address of DVR able to perform remote video surveillance over the Internet. Suffice it to open a browser and ip address to the DVR and on-screen there will be images from cameras that are connected to the DVR. Video surveillance of baby monitor often uses this option.

Example of video surveillance using DVR over internet you can view in our channel in Youtube:

Video surveillance in the afternoon      Video surveillance at night

2. Video surveillance using IP cameras. With this observation using IP camera, which is immediately connected to the Internet. Then there is all the same as in the first embodiment. That is, Any Internet user enters in his browser ip address ip-camera and it can be seen on the monitor the camera image. Note the pros and cons of this option at about the same price band reception ip-video and analog video cameras to connect to the DVR.

Here you can view the example of surveillance over the Internet with help of 2 Mp camera Dahau IPC-HDB3200CP in Rivne city


  • to implement such a project, other things being equal, only a single ip-cameras, and it is definitely cheaper you buy a hard disk video recorder and video camera with power supply;
  • requires minimal time for installation and configuration of the entire system, provided that the cameras are not many;
  • can use wifi ip-camera, thereby stretching the wires to the point of installation - One of the options for wireless video surveillance;
  • IP-camera plugs into a standard wall outlet for the Internet.
  • Minus:

  • video archive is not the standard means of the camera itself;
  • limitation of functional capacity
  • the camera itself;
  • when using a large number of cameras on a single object seriously increase the network bandwidth requirements for the Internet channel and the requirements imposed on the configuration of a router or need to buy a lot of ip-addresses from your provider;
  • for the implementation of video archives, operation, or on motion detection, alarm, you need a computer with the proper software, which should always be included, and it all leads to a substantial increase in the cost and reliability of the entire system.
  • 3. Also, video surveillance can be done not only through the Internet, but also in one or more of the combined local area networks. This implies the following. When the project involves all of the equipment as in the first embodiment, but the DVR is not connected to the Internet, and to the local network service security facility. Surveillance in the office often works under the scheme. Such a scheme of the video on the site allows you to build a multi-layered control model of security. For greater clarity, consider an example. When a high-rise office building on each floor of the guard sits and stares at the image with the camera through the monitor which is connected directly to the DVR. In turn, video recorders on all floors connected to the LAN of the building and also to the local network and computers are connected in common Security Center of the object. And center operators are surveillance over a local network. Using a local network, rather than the public network - the Internet, you greatly increase your safety as Third party to remotely connect to the system is not possible. Also note that the video surveillance for your home or apartment is much more suitable for the first option.

    4. Combined video surveillance - when using all three options in the first one. Very often there is video surveillance in schools combined. As part of the video is done specifically for parents, the other part for security systems and some to pass certification exams.

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