Helpi Group offers you a cost-effective solution to ensure the security alarm.  This option is ideal for small objects, namely, such as: House, flat, garage, small shop, storage, etc. At the same time you get all notifications of unlawful entry into a protected object, or other significant events (eg the disappearance of light, fire, water in the room) on your cell phone via voice messages and SMS. These notifications may also be duplicated to other mobile numbers of people close to you or your employees.

Essence of our campaign is to use a universal GSM controller GSA-4 together  with infrared motion sensors (with adjustable sensitivity), a siren (the need for) and additional devices to monitor critical processes (lack of food, fire, water availability) for the individual wishes of the user.

Features of the devices that we offer are shown below. But first consider the financial side of things.

What is the price for a home alarm system - you ask? Let's count. So:

  • GSM controller GSA-4 - 135$;
  • power supply + battery - 50$. (To ensure a guaranteed power supply).;
  • infrared motion sensor (with adjustable sensitivity) - 12$;
  • Siren outdoor(the need for) - 27$;
  • water detection sensor - 20$;
  • sensor power outage - 10$;
  • Jobs - 50% from equipment;
  • Total alarm system of house (or other object) - three/four motion sensors, water sensor, the sensor power control with all the work will cost you less than in 400$. This is the maximum. You will always keep your hand on the pulse and are not dependent on security firms who need to regularly pay the monthly fee.

    Features GSM controller GSA-4

  • autodial alarm;
  • SMS for tripping accident or anxiety
  • SMS system status on request;
  • activation of the alarm output (siren) alarm;
  • remote arming/disarming of the controller with a simple mobile subscriber call without lifting the handset
  • function remote audio controls, and transmission of voice information (audio line in/out);
  • memory state when restarted;
  • Features Infrared Motion Sensor

  • passive detection range - 12m;
  • detection angle - 100 degrees;
  • not sensetive for animals up to 18 kg;
  • lower zone, pulse counter, bracket included;
  • -20 ° ... +50 ° C, power supply 12V/15mA
  • Features of other sensors ask for telephones in the section of the site "Contacts"