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Portfolio on installation of video surveillance systems, you can view by clicking on the following link: Portfolio «CCTV»

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All projects to install CCTV and alarm systems are as follows:

  • after you have called us into the company and said that about you want Our specialist comes to an object at a convenient time for you (The travel and consultation is free);
  • specialist inspects the object and the need to help make TK;
  • below within three working days you will receive a full quote (With a list of equipment and all kinds of works);
  • after your approval of the budget and contract, our experts perform all work including the training of your staff, if necessary.
  • Select equipment for video surveillance and alarm systems.

    choice of equipment for video surveillance and alarm systems at the stage of development. At the same time we adhere to some standard procedures - their sequence is shown below:

  • determine what needs to be controlled, for what points to observe, to determine the control zone;
  • carefully analyze the characteristics of the control zone, such as area lighting, the presence of dead zones, etc.;
  • determine the estimated point of placement of cameras and other equipment;
  • assess the need and possibility of further scaling of the system;
  • analyze which system is optimal - analog or digital;
  • determine the type of installation video - hidden or not. If the hidden - to determine time of installation: night time, weekends, etc.;
  • evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, which will appear after the equipment will be installed for video surveillance and alarm systems;
  • identify the persons responsible for the proper and smooth functioning of the surveillance system.
  • We work with legal and physical persons. We are interested in any orders of any complexity.

    Just when installing and installing video surveillance you can conclude a contract with our company for further technical support.