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Due to technical requirements of the customer we develop, product and commission on the object of non-standard device power converters, electrical appliances, sensors, alarms, etc.

Process of product development based on modern information technologies in the field of engineering modeling and design.

We use electronic components from world leaders in the semiconductor industry.

Warranty, after sales service and technical support throughout the product life.

What exactly are a non-standard devices! Here are some examples!

  • You have to use expensive lathe machine. In this case you came down electronic control unit! Machines of this type have long been discontinued! Repair control unit can not be as impossible find chips and components used to create it! In this case, an unusual approach is to create a new control unit with a new element base, which has the same functionality as its predecessor!
  • You the owner of a greenhouse or grocery store, where it is imperative to maintain constant parameters of internal environment, namely temperature, humidity, pressure! Of course, the market propose specialized solutions - systems automatically maintain sustainable environment. However, their selection is not wide and prices are very high. We propose own approach to solving this problem by using own specialized sensors for tracking the environmental parameters. The price of our solution is much lower than market counterparts.
  • You burned wiring and don't know it's position on the wall and how to avoid the fault! Buy specialized equipment to solve the problem that arises is not so often, whether is it appropriate? We offer to rent you our unit to find hidden occurrence wiring, and auxiliary electrical equipment. You can also call our specialist that will help you troubleshoot this kind.
  • Scheme welding machine is out of control? Can not buy the same? We will design and create for you a new control unit! It's cheaper than a new welding machine, isn't it?
  • You have hidden all plumbing communication and you happen to flood the neighbors? We offer a specialized sensor that is triggered by increasing humidity in the bathroom, and you instantly receive messages on your cell phone. Fire alarms, signaling the opening of the input doors - want to respond to emergencies in a fast way - call and we will help you.