Repair of heating boilers electronics:

Service carries out repair of electronic control boards and blocks for firing boilers different producers. Immergas, Hermann, Ferroli, Baxi, Westen, Solli, Roca, Ariston, Vaillant, Beretta and others. Diagnose of control cards on a special stand. Raise the board in almost all cases of failure. Repairs after the storm, surge, firmware card failure. Guarantee to work. Repairing gas boilers. Spare parts for gas boilers. Payment after work.

Repair, installation, maintenance of voltage stabilizers and UPS:

Voltage stabilizer - a device whose function is automatically to the required accuracy maintain the voltage (typically 220V) to the output at any input voltage fluctuations. The voltage regulator is connected to the mains, in which the voltage can be "skip", and all appliances, requiring protection are already connected to a surge protector. Electrical appliances that are connected to the stabilizer voltage protected from unpleasant surprises and get it to power quality, based on which they were designed and manufactured. When the voltage is on output of settlement boundaries (less than 150 volts or more than 250 volts), stabilizer just turn off the load and enable it only after an emergency jump. The only cost-effective protection that can save electric equipment in the majority of accidents on the network are the voltage regulators.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - the source of secondary power supply, automatic device, the purpose of which - to ensure connection to the electrical uninterrupted supply of electrical energy within normy. Public use of UPS is connected with ensuring the smooth operation of computers. It allows connection to general power with the loss of electrical current, or when its output parameters exceed the norm for a short period (usually - up to one hour) time continue. In addition to computers, the UPS provides power of other electrical loads that a critical to power supply with the normal parameters of the power system network, such as, for example, control circuits of heating boilers. UPS is able to adjust the parameters (voltage, frequency) of the output network. Can be combined with different types of electricity generators (eg, diesel generator).

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