SCS( structured cable system) is now more and more important. If your company has more than five computers - you need a SCS. Without it is impossible to build reliable, flexible and high-speed communication networks (voice, video) in the modern organization of any rank - be it an office, a bank or industrial enterprise. Many people pay little attention to the quality of the cable system, and this despite the fact that, statistically, 70 to 90 percent of downtime due to problems with the SCS. Properly designed and built cable system serves approximately 15-20 years almost without fault. In other words, once by setting "correct" cable system, you can forget about it as a potential source of trouble. Structured Cabling System (SCS) to combine into a single system computer, telephone networks, etc. It provides a flexible change of employees employment and total changing the system configuration, including the replacement and addition of equipment, expansion of the system. To change the configuration of SCS system administrator is sufficient to switch the cable on the patch panel from one nest to another.

SCS advantages over conventional cable systems:

  • for data, voice and video signals using a single cable system;
  • have modularity and capability to make changes and capacity without replacing the entire existing network;
  • not depend on changes in technology and equipment supplier;
  • use standard components and materials;
  • allow management and administration of minimum number of attendants;
  • allows you to combine in a network of fiber-optic and copper cable;
  • have the opportunity to expand while maintaining the investment.

Workspace, usually consists of an informational or 2-port socket for connecting a PC to information network, telephone communications, and other information services. It may also include an electrical outlet to power consumers in Group 1: personal computers, communications devices etc.

Horizontal wiring is made of shielded cable SFTP (Cat. 5 / e), which provides low noise and radiation, or cable UTP. Cables to employment users (information and electric) summarized in ergonomic plastic boxes. They also carried out each floor layout.

Patch distribution units arranged in special cabinets, which is set active and passive equipment.

The server in such systems is the center of all communications in the building - information communications, LAN servers, UPS systems, intercom. Active and passive network equipment placed in the enclosures.