HelPi Group offers a list of services for computers and computer networks:

Computer services and equipment:

  • subscription service of computers, including local area networks, maintenance of office equipment and network equipment;
  • configuration and maintenance of software of any complexity (Windows Server, Linux), as well as troubleshooting, setting up Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.;
  • network and PC administration;
  • fast computer help - prompt resolution of technical issues that arise in users in the operation of hardware and software (elimination of technical problems, setting up the OS, etc.) receipt and processing of customer orders;
  • recovery of lost data;
  • configure access to printers, scanners, etc.;
  • advice on working with a computer.

    Set up a connection to the Internet:

  • configure VPN connections;
  • configure Wi-Fi;
  • setup connection via mobile phone(CDMA, GPRS);
  • routers configuration;
  • installation program to protect children on the Internet;
  • e-mail configuration;
  • consulting work in the global network.

    Configure and administration of network:

  • access rights configuration;
  • configuration of network devices;
  • servers configuration;
  • anti-virus software configuration;
  • collect and analyze network statistics;
  • consulting work in the local network.
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