HelPi Group offers the following services in building structured cabling systems (SCS) and Local Area Networks (LAN):

Designing a computer network.

We carry out projects for computer systems with the ability to use IP technology. IP-based surveillance equipment makes it possible to ensure collaboration with other IT systems and reduce costs. Network design for computer systems is based on low-voltage and optical networks. In the design of computer systems, we not only select quality equipment with the necessary requirements, but also determine the types and volumes of the works themselves. The services for the design of computer systems includes:

1. Development of the project.

  • receiving input data;
  • develop a technical solution;
  • an inventory of works;
  • calculation of the cost of materials and labor.
  • 2. Preparation of project documentation.

  • preparation of technical documentation;
  • prepare design schemes;
  • project agreement.
  • Design work makes it possible to prepare the following documents:

  • terms of Reference;
  • sketch plan;
  • technical project;
  • documentation.
  • II. Installation and connection of computer networks.

    1. Installing and configuring hardware.

  • installation and configuration of servers;
  • installation and configuration of storages.
  • installation and configuration of the active equipment Cisco.
  • 2. Installing and configuring customer premise equipment:

  • installation and configuration of computers;
  • installation and setup of portable computing devices;
  • install auxiliary office equipment.
  • 3. Installation of computer network:

  • laying the cable line to a computer network;
  • installation of switching elements;
  • technical project;
  • documentation.
  • ІІI. Recovering a computer network.

    1. Restoration of the cable line.

  • cable testing;
  • cable repair;
  • cable replacement.
  • 2. Repair wiring components:

  • repair of patch panels;
  • repair of switching elements.
  • 3. Restoration of hardware:

  • diagnosis of servers, computers;
  • repair of computer equipment.
  • Setting of auxiliary components (amplifiers, batteries, external controllers remote functional units) is performed on the basis of regulations established by the manufacturer. Commissioning the remote computer network performed an IP-based solutions followed by setting the environment Internet. Software installation is performed to manage servers, cameras and other components of the computing infrastructure on demand. At customer's request software can be configured for the user and for administrative use. In case of no possibility to repair equipment, removal of faults is performed by replacing components. During the execution of repair work also verified the reliability and durability all components, in order to prevent irreparable damage. If necessary preventive measures on a regular basis, we offer a schedule specifying the detailed work and their time.