Virtual PBX - PBX is set up on server operator. The most advanced technologies in the field of IP telephony are used at building such exchanges.

The telephone exchange equipment is not required to install the virtual PBX. You also don't need to stretch new phone lines or telephone wiring inside the office. Virtual PBX works solely on the basis of the existing network, and allows you to create office or workplace anywhere in the world.

Virtual PBX gives the possibility:

  • telephones in an office in the shortest time;
  • combined into a single telephone network multiple offices;
  • move the office anywhere in the world by moving him a phone number;
  • not hold in the state expert on telephone;
  • save up to 90% on outgoing calls through the use of IP telephony;
  • organize the budget call center (call-center);
  • connect the multi-channel number in any city in the world, and receive unlimited incoming calls;
  • activate a diversion within the office and outside (such as a mobile phone, in the absence);
  • free to receive calls from the site;
  • centrally manage the telephone company's network (central office and branches): Keeping statistics connections, set permissions for individual subscribers making calls and more.
  • Virtual PBX has all the features a modern PBX:

  • voice menu system (IVR);
  • call transfer (transfer);
  • call interception;
  • conditional and unconditional call forwarding;
  • Voice Mail (Voicemail System);
  • receive faxes automatically;
  • automatic greeting;
  • answering machine on a schedule (auto calendar);
  • attendant by caller;
  • standby for the second call, if the line is busy;
  • selection of music in standby mode;
  • connection alternative line;
  • prefix dialing;
  • statistics for all calls;
  • record of conversations.
  • Tariffs on using virtual PBX You can view "Price" page of current part.