HelPi Group proposes the development and consulting of telephone systems, in which the design of telephone network and the choice of equipmentis are performed. Works are carried out according to current standards. When designing the network, we not only select quality equipment with the taking into account the necessary requirements, but also determine the types and volumes of the works themselves.

Quality consults and expecially telephone infrastructure project ensures ease of use and long life.

We develop projects to build new telephone systems, as well as for optimization and modernization of existing ones. Feature selection is based on proven producers of active and passive equipment. Selection of the optimal software enables provide the necessary functionality and reduce costs for its support.

Design services include:

1. Development of the project.

  • receiving input data;
  • development of technical solutions;
  • an inventory of works;
  • calculation the cost of materials and works.
  • 2. Preparation of project documentation.

  • preparation of technical documentation;
  • design schemes prepare;
  • project agreement.
  • Design work makes it possible to prepare the following documents:

  • terms of reference;
  • sketch plan;
  • technical project;
  • documentation.

    Designing Telephony runs on the basis of hardware and software systems, with drawing up a complete set of project documentation. Telecommunications on the basis of modern technologies make it possible to reduce the cost of calls and to ensure harmonization with other IT systems.