Smart House Voice Control

A series of articles about the Smart House:

Video Presentation



Lighting control

- Climate control

Security, CCTV, security, intercom

Multiroom. Voice control

Multiroom – an intelligent system for the distribution of audio rooms. From any of them, you can hear the intercom messages, listen to audio from a media server, Internet-radio.

While at the same time in different rooms, different music can sound. In order to control system “multiroom” you can use the convenient touch panel.

Alarm clock service in the “smart” house – it’s not just an alarm clock. This is either a caring friend who will make waking up as pleasant as possible. “Smart” Alarm clock service will wake you up: voice, pleasant melody, turning your favorite TV or movie. In addition, the Alarm clock service will perform a role of your secretary. “Smart” system will remind you about important matters by voice or text on the TV screen.

Voice control. Now your home will not only be a reliable fortress, but also a best friend who can help with household chores, and with whom you can even talk. The first thing to do is to give your house a name, for example, name it as the most famous houses – “Kuzma.” Just walking around the room, give the command to his new friend, “Kuzma, turn on the TV!” And “personal brownie “without delay, fulfill your wish. Moreover, it may report on the implementation of the job: “The TV is on.”

Give your home a name – it is necessary for the system to realize that home is a hole system, not just a conversation between its inhabitants.

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