Smart House Security

Серия статей об Умном Доме:

Video Presentation



Lighting control

- Climate control

Multiroom. Voice control

CCTV and Intercom

CCTV system “MiMiSmart” enables remote monitoring, (distance does not matter) in real time for any objects inside the house – you can remotely control cameras, view the image from any camera in any room of your home. The camera can record continuously or motion. Image is archived, and watch the video at any time convenient for you.


If somebody come to visit and called on the intercom on the touch panel displays video, and you know exactly who is coming. “Smart” intercom announces the arrival of visitors and transmits high quality video images not only on the control panel, but also on television. Without rising from  chair, you can see and hear  guests and find out for what reason you are disturbed. Pressing a button on the control panel it is possible to open the door and let the visitor, if you decide that you need it. Still, many prefer a feature that allows you to send a call  from intercom to the mobile phone. You’re on vacation (fishing), but this time someone came home. Mobile phone receives a call and photo guest, you can communicate with the visitor on a cell, and no one would guess that you are not at home . Your “butler” will monitor on safety at home, he can take pictures of all those who pressed the call button, with a time stamp when it happened.


Risks of water leakage and gas leakage are minimized. Because the job of “MiMiSmart” set up so that it immediately captures any infringement and prevents the slightest problem. And if the system can not cope alone with the problem, it tells the host and the emergency services on emergency situations. In case of water leakage, the system closes her pitch.Безопасность Умный дом Ровно

Gas leaks are carefully monitored. If system encounter this problem, the ventilation system will be requested to ventilate the room, filling it with fresh air, and the gas will be blocked automatically.

For fire safety temperature and smoke detector are used.

If your “smart” house power outage occurred, the intelligent control system, immediately switch to a backup power source. In this case, the system will turn off all unnecessary appliances. The work and charge of the batteries will keep under control so, if necessary, in time to start the generator to recharge them. Thus, the house will be practically fully operational.



“Smart” house is equipped with intelligent protection. Security is all premises of the house , as well as adjoining areas – under the strict control of the security system ” Smart House “. Therefore, the owner is always aware of what’s going on in his house. A huge role in creating a calm and secure atmosphere in the house, play all kinds of sensors that provide security both inside the house and outside . Without them it is impossible to imagine the security system house and grounds with him. Sensors opening doors and windows , glass break sensors. The objective of these sensors  to report on any attempts to penetrate through doors and windows . When somebody commit  an attack, the sensor transmits sound, light or speech signal , and notifies the host. Light or voice signals repel intruders. Inside the house, as well as around the perimeter of the home, installed motion sensors . If the sensor is triggered , the owner immediately announced about it/