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Elavator Access Control System

Elavator Access Control System

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    Elavator access control system is designed to provide access control to the elevator cab and objectives of paid and / or limited travel in elevators.

    It can also be used to provide access control to protected objects, areas, rooms, etc.

    As electronic identifiers can be used Touch Memory keys or cards and key fobs Proximity (contactless, RFID) standard EM Marine (hereinafter referred to as keys).



    - Storage, collection, processing and visualization of the information received.

    - Maintains a database of subscribers and keys.

    - Limit the number of access rights and / or time for a key.

    - On-floor access rights.

    - Automatic and manual key lock.

    - Report on the use of statistics (visits) for the period.

    - Remote call the elevator to the desired floor.

    More details about the structure of the whole system, you can read here.