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Lighting control

Lighting control – is one of the most sought features. Because light is used most often in rooms and is an integral part of the interior. Adjust lighting and it’s control  is very simple. There are no complicated manuals. One push of a button you can turn on or off, adjust the brightness of any light source.

In this case, the control can be done with push-buttons, on the motion sensor, light sensor, according to the schedule, time of day and the control panel from any room or even outside the building using the Internet.

Lighting automation system optimizes power consumption by turning off unnecessary load or moving to the mode
of low power consumption. Only lighting devices that are needed at the moment are working. The rest are disabled, their activation and deactivation reasonably controlled.

Light in continuous zones (vestibule, hallway, stairs and so on) is included under presets (traffic, time of day, days of the week, natural lighting) to the specified brightness.

You can use predefined lighting scenes in order to control lighting system. This scenes are stored in system memory. You can set up any lighting scenarios, depending on your needs and wishes – for example:


Умный Дом Управление Освещением Ровно

Умный Дом Управление Освещением