GSM intercom

Helpi Group presents 2 ways to transform your intercom into an intelligent GSM device:

1. GSM-E Device – 160 у.е.

Destination of GSM-E product

1. Work on the intercom system using GSM channel.

2. Remote control of product modes.

3. Work on a burglar alarm using GSM-module – up to 5 programmable alarm outputs. When a sensor comes the voice notification and SMS to your phone are ensured. Arming possible via phone or touch memory key.

Key Features

1. Adapted by electrical parameters to the standard single-family panels domofnnyh systems.

2. Network uptime when disconnecting a shared network at least 10 hours.

3. As communication devices cell phone owner or outdoor panel are used.


1. Product switches on the front door takeout on a mobile phone owner after 1 .. 3sec after pressing the button on the front door.

2. Automatic on / off products with a password and code dialed from a mobile phone.

3.The product gives the command to open the front door with a password and code dialed from a mobile phone.

4. Product turns on the audio channel after the command from mobile phone.

5. Food produced from 220V, and in the absence of the network – from the battery 12V 7Ah at current consumption is not more than 0.5A.

Схема включения

gsm домофон схема
Helpi Group

2. GSM prefix to the intercom – TOP GUARD – 120 у.е

Is designed to transfer a call from the entry panel intercom to registered phones and remote control door lock.