Fog Generator

Technical features and specifications:

1. High speed ejection mist (from 300 to 1,800 cubic m. , Depending on the model);2 . Fast installation and connection ;3 . Special removable containers, simple replacement procedure;4 . Low power consumption (power consumption of 40 watts - less than a regular light bulb) .5 . Dimensions 300 * 350 * 400 mm.6. Power supply 220 V. It is also possible power from the car battery 12 V.7. Available fixed installation indoors, as well as installation on the vehicle.8. Triggering of alarm,  alarm button, manually .9. Programmable release mist.10 . The included battery is capable of holding operation during power outages of up to 5 hours.11. If necessary, there is a possibility of an extra battery. This will increase the duration of work without mains power to 15 hours.12. Two removable cylinder with fogging liquid allow up to an hour to keep the fog in a room of 150 cubic meters. m13. There are European certificates of conformity.14. There is a certificate for compliance with the liquid to form a mist.Below is a video demonstration on the use of fog generator security company in Almaty