Access Security system in the elevator

GENERAL INFORMATIONAppointmentElavator access control system is designed to provide access control to the elevator cab and objectives of paid and/or limited travel in elevators.It can also be used to provide access control to protected objects, areas, rooms, etc.As electronic identifiers can be used Touch Memory keys or cards and key fobs Proximity (contactless, RFID) standard EM Marine (hereinafter referred to as keys).

SYSTEM FUNCTION- Storage , collection, processing and visualization of the information received.- Maintains a database of subscribers and keys.- Limit the number of access rights and/or time for a key.- On -floor access rights.- Automatic and manual key lock .- Report on the use of statistics (visits) for the period .- Remote call the elevator to the desired floor .  BASIC COMPONENTS - Engineering terminal - the main system controller , fulfill a task of providing interconnection, control and management of all components of the system ;- Personal PC-compatible computer - APM Manager component ;- Specialized software - a set of programs for operational interaction between the user (manager) with the system;- Common highway - the physical channel (twisted pair category 5 ), which provides information exchange between the terminal and the engineering object controller ;- Object-ID access controller - a device designed to provide limited access to controlled areas;- Object ID-controller access to the elevator - a device designed to provide limited access to the elevator ;- Controller input keys - a device designed to enter numbers keys by the operator .  

Video in the elevator shaft (not translated)

 DEVICE SYSTEMPC (personal computer) connected with the network operator Ethernet/Internet , or directly to the engineering terminal. On the PC, the software is installed - the software is available for free. Software maintains a global database of keys, synchronizes the local database on key sites , allows you remotely control the actuators on objects ( door unlocking premises , call the elevator to the desired floor) .To enter numbers (codes) of keys, cards, key fobs operator's PC is connected to the controller input keys. It reads the number (code) connected  key card, key fob , and transmits it to the software.In the engine room elevator installed engineering terminal, which , if necessary, connect to the network Ethernet/Internet for communication with a PC. Engineers terminal is a local database keys, which is synchronizes with the global PC base, handles requests from terminals - object identification access controllers. The maximum size of the local database can not exceed 1000 records ( keys) . Communication terminal engineering with object controllers cable runs "twisted pair" fifth category.Corresponding object controllers are installed in close proximity to the ring post lift (mine) or a door inside the protected zones. Object controller has a connector for an electronic key reader with output interface Dallas Touch Memory (emulation DS1990A). The reader is expelled (cuts in panel ring post). Switching actuators (imitation pressing the call button and the elevator door lock opening ) is made with a relay controller object. Object controller have sound and light display modes, reading key and response key. At the facility shall be permitted up to 31 controllers on one object engineering terminal.  SYSTEM OPERATION1. Object controller detects the connected key and checks the validity of its rooms .2 . If unable to read the key number and it is correct , the key number is transmitted to the terminal engineering .3 . Engineers terminal , receiving the key number , key in the search produces its own (local) database.4 . If the key is found, the terminal engineering , depending on the state of recording key object- controller informs the steps you need to do - open the door , call the elevator , if the key is allowed to use , or reset request if the key is locked .  In the case of a connection between the terminal and the computer operator.5 . When the engineer does not find the key terminal in its own database , it sends a request to the PC (personal computer ) of the operator.6. Upon receiving a request , the PC searches for the key in the key global basis .7. Search results PC terminal engineering reports .8. In accordance with the result obtained from the PC , the engineering , the terminal performs the appropriate action - enables the use of a key or denies.  STANDARD CONFIGURATION- Personal computer operator - 1 pc.- Controller input keys of the operator - 1 pc.- Engineering terminal - the number of objects ( porches ) of the house.- Object ID - controller access to the elevator - the number of landing sites lift.- Object - ID access controller - the number of controlled premises.- Keys , cards , key rings - the number of subscribers .