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Climate Control 

Independent management system will support in the rooms comfortable temperature at which easy to breathe and work efficiently and relax comfortably.

Comfortable indoor climate provides a group of engineering equipment: air conditioning, ventilation, radiant floor heating, radiators.

Manual control of all these elements is quite troublesome. You must configure each season their work in accordance with the weather conditions, time of day and so on.

With intelligent climate control can forget about it. One touch of the control panel and you can set all engineering devices so that each room will be maintained individually, comfortable temperature.

You just need to set the desired temperature of the air on the control panel, and the system itself will determine what equipment and what better power and better use to achieve that goal.

Automation responds to external temperature. It not only outputs the data to the panel, but also in connection with corrects and coordinates the work of air conditioning and heating. Comfort and rationality being particularly pronounced in off-season months.

Using intelligent automatic climate control gives the possibility to increases the level of comfort up to 30% savings  energy resources through rational use of engineering control systems. Intelligent control systems allow change settings climate according to the schedule.

Climate parameters also change scenarios, such as when activating the script “I quit” – regardless of the schedule is disabled ventilation and radiant floor heating, heating goes into economy mode.