GSM intercom

Helpi Group presents 2 ways to transform your intercom into an intelligent GSM device: 1. GSM-E Device – 160 у.е. Destination of GSM-E product 1. Work on the intercom system

Smart House Security

Серия статей об Умном Доме: - Video Presentation - Advantages - Functions - Lighting control - Climate control - Multiroom. Voice control CCTV and Intercom CCTV system “MiMiSmart” enables remote monitoring, (distance does not matter) in real

Intercom Scheme

Demand for intercom today’s system are: opportunity to dial into the house from outside; providing of two-way video; keyless lock on the front gate. To ensure these functions can be

Fog Generator

Used to protect jewelry stores, banks, gas stations, shopping facilities … The principle is based on fast protection of limited visibility by filling space in a dense fog.