Smart House Advantages

A series of articles about the Smart House:

Video Presentation


Lighting control

- Climate control

Security, CCTV, security, intercom

Multiroom. Voice control



“Smart home MimiSmart» allows centralized monitoring and management of all engineering subsystems cottage, office or apartment, with one panel.

Our management system is built on the principle of distributed logic, it lacks a central control unit. Each element of automation endowed with its own control system and allows you to exchange information with other nodes, which ensures high reliability.

All nodes uses high-M3 protsessoryCortex company ARM (world leader in microprocessors for embedded systems), which give our products a special acumen.

You can continue to dream and to think of yourselves those elements which must be included in your system dome. If even our list doesn’t content some possibilities, we can add it specifically for you. We can adapt and modify the dates of our functions, trying to satisfy your desires, because “Smart House” is really smart, capable of almost any action.

The system does not violate the existing interior of your home, it only complements and makes it more functional, more comfortable and more modern.

With us so easy to make house smart and obedient. Our system will amaze you with its functionality and virtually limitless possibilities. We offer you to see this.