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    Analog and IP

    Only professyonal and contemporary decisions. IP Surveillance, analog and hybryd systems.

    Burglar and Fire

    Burglar and fire alarm system in a private home, businesses and shopping areas.

    Radio and Electronic

    Development of optional radio and electronic equipment.

    Smart House
    Smart House

    Smart Home System - functionality, capabilities, equipment reliability.

    Presentation of opportunities

    Video presentation of the features and functions of Smart Home "MimiSmart".


    Climate control and lighting, multi-room, video surveillance and alarm system, safety and security.

    • Rivnepromekobud
    • Nick Trans
    • Multisport
    • Sharman
    • Mizol
    • Ekvator
    • Piligrim
    • MaMarket
    • Avtomir-A

    Our Clients

    Construction company «Rovnopromekobud», Freight transport company «Nik Trans», TC «Ekvator», chain of shoe stores «Sharman», company with supply of insulating materials «Misol», chain stores sportswear «Multisport», tour agency «Pilgrim», shop children's clothing «MaMarket», company car dealership «Autoworld A» ....

    Here you can view our portfolio over the last two years.

    Helpi Group - our profile IT services - video surveillance, alarm, web development and custom software, development of non-standard equipment.

    20 %
    Non-standard equipment
    electrical and radio devices

    Our recent work: lift dispatching system, thermo boxes, controller board of object attendance...

    40 %
    Web Development, Software
    PHP, JQuery, MySql, C#

    Web development, online stores, specialized software for non-standard equipment.

    35 %
    Video surveillance and alarm
    Large enterprises, the private sector

    Analog and IP video surveillance. Burglar and fire alarm system with the ability to output to the consoles and mobile phones.

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